10 Car Mods That Actually Make A Difference And Are Worth Your Money


It’s no secret that the best method of performance is to find the perfect balance of power and control.  Unfortunately most people who decide to spend their hard earned money on car modifications usually tend to dump their money straight into the power production department of their vehicle without addressing any other areas at the same time.  While it seems great on paper its actually completely detrimental to your overall goal of having a performance vehicle.

Every system on your car is a symbiote of the others found on board.  If you upgrade one of these systems your going to need to address the others as well.  Performance is all about balance and without it your vehicle will never be able to run to its full potential.  We came up with a list of ten modifications that are generally overlooked by people start their builds.  There’s nothing wrong with power adders but there are other areas that need to be addressed as well.  The ten modifications below won’t break the bank and actually make a difference you can feel.

10.  Coilovers


Upgrading the shocks and springs on your car is by far one of the best modifications you can ever do.  What good is horsepower if you can’t control it.  There are several ways to upgrade your suspension components like, air ride, coilovers, and lowering springs.  While there’s nothing wrong with air ride or lowering springs we’d rather spend our money on upgrades that actually improve the performance of our vehicles.  Coilovers are the absolute best option when it comes to suspension upgrades.  They not only lower your car but they also change the center of gravity, allow for numerous levels of adjustment, and look good at the same time.  A general rule of thumb to remember when buying coilovers is that you always get what you pay for so don’t skimp.

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