10 Car Names That Should Have Been Rethought


Car manufacturers spend thousands, if not millions, of dollars on focus groups and studies to determine what they should name their vehicles.  Many of these vehicle names have been icons and are synonymous with speed, dependability, or luxury.  Names like Mustang, Veyron, Corvette, and Civic all mean the same thing to so many different people all around the world.

Sometimes these car makers don’t think about the big picture when they name their vehicles.  Sometimes the name just doesn’t match the look of the vehicle.  Other times the names can have a second meaning and some of those meanings are missed completely by the maker.  Here are 10 Car Names That Should Have Been Rethought.

10.  Nissan Moco


This little Nissan gets great gas mileage and seats five adults.  That’s not too bad for a vehicle of this size by any means but the Japanese automaker did drop the ball when it came to naming this little box on wheels.  Moco in Spanish means boogers or mucus.  Who in their right mind would want to drive that around?



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