10 Important Things Girls Need To Know Before They Start Dating A Gearhead


Being a car guy is something many teenage boys across the globe look forward to becoming.  For many of us we were raised by a car guy and we mimic the behavior of our fathers.  We add our own small changes into the mix but one thing remains the same no matter the age or location.  Cars take precedent over almost everything else.  That doesn’t mean that we don’t love you or care about you by any means.  We will spend time with you and do the things you like to do but there are some core behaviors you need to come to terms with.

Getting into a relationship with a car guy can certainly seem to be a never ending headache.  Most of these headaches arise because you may not understand why we do what we do and why we act the way we act.  Understanding some of those reasons will not only save you time but also some heartache.  Here are 10 Things You Need To Know Before You Get Into A Relationship With A Car Guy.  If you are already in a relationship with a car guy you better make sure you read this as well.


10.  We Will Spend More Time Washing Our Car Then You Spend In Front Of The Mirror


We have to keep our babies clean and looking their best.  It won’t matter how long it takes either.  Car guys will literally spend all afternoon scrubbing every inch of a vehicle’s surface until we can see our reflection in the surface.  Washing, buffing, waxing, vacuuming, and polishing will all take place and it might not be good enough the first time either.  So hang on to that list of “Honey Dos” and that trip to the mall will have to wait.

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