20 Truck Drivers And Their Epic Failures


Truck drivers from around the world seem to be in a competition with one another over who can squeeze through the tightest spots and make the sketchiest turns. After seeing these pictures I have become a firm believer in more extensive training for truck drivers. It seems that they often forget how big they actually are. The situations they cause are a danger to themselves and to others. Even the standard size trucks make an entrance to this list. Just because your vehicle is larger than others doesn’t give you the right to be a jerk.

20. This Trucker Took The Whole Damn Bridge Down



It pretty obvious what went on here. The number of truck drivers that fail to pay attention to bridge clearance signs is staggering. The outcome is, well, quite destructive.


19. I Think I Can. I Think I Can. I Can’t.



It appears that this Mercedes lorry driver didn’t get to far. This rescue team had to show up to free the stuck truck. It’s a good thing that he didn’t make it too far in.


18. I Didn’t Know I Was That Big



Trucks come in all shapes and sizes. Parking spaces are just about the same size except for those pesky compact car spots. This driver should focus on stopping when they feel the tire hit the curb. It the space does not fit you must acquit.


17. You Got Me All Twisted Up



Here’s another example of not paying attention to clearance signs. This one goes even further with the sloped turn. You know this wasn’t fun to clean up.

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