BMW 1M Driver Murders The Streets Of Moscow


We’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to drivers showing off their Ken Block stylized skills on the public streets of the world.  Long drifts, smokey donuts, and insane feats of speed have filled the servers at YouTube with people’s own version of Hooning.  This activity was coined by Block and his tire shredding friends that ultimately turned it into a multi-million dollar franchise.  Today Hoonigan is a mainstay of the automotive community.

Street exhibitions can take place anywhere at any time these days and with people always wanting to mimic the stars they see on their screens you can expect quite a show.  A recent video out of Russia shows a modified BMW 1 Series M Coupe slashing its way through the traffic laden streets of Moscow.  Half of the video features the driver sliding in and out of heavy traffic without regard for other drivers, which seems to be an everyday occurrence in country of Russian.  The other half features some pretty decent drifts and donuts with the towering skyscrapers of Moscow in the background.

This night time excursion on the streets of Moscow is one of the best street action videos we’ve seen in a while.  Yes the driver’s actions are on the unsafe side as he weaves in and out of traffic at high speeds but not everyone can have a controlled environment with empty streets like Block and his team of Hoons.  This doesn’t make it right or safe but it the smoke filled air and rubber scorched streets sure looks cool if you can look past the dangers.

Its also nice to see a driver push the boundaries of the 1 Series M Coupe for once.  This little 2 seater power house never really got its fare share of attention when it was released in 2011.  The twin turbocharged N54 engine produces 335 horsepower in stock form.  With basic modifications like intake, exhaust, and a tune M Coupes are known of making well over 450 horses.  The modified BMW in the video definitely features some aftermarket equipment that is put to the test.