Five Cars to Mod Under $20,000


We compiled a list of 5 cars that you can pick up for $20,000 or below to modify.  These are five of the more popular options available today.  Check out your local dealership or online used auto website for more info on these cars.

5.0 Ford Mustang GT




We all see them all day everyday.  That’s why it is first on the list.  You can grab a medium mile 5.o for under $20,000 no problem.  All different colors and options.  The GT comes with 412 horses that are just biting at the bit to be put to the ground.  Weighing in around 3,600 lbs the Mustang is a good choice for all types of racing…Drag, Drift, Road, or Street.  The platform also as tons of aftermarket support and the heritage to match.  The new era 5.0 Mustang GT is a great choice for the budget minded modder.

Honda Civic Si – 8th Gen



Here is another car that can be found at just about any street light…all over the world.  The Honda Civic has been around 1972 and still going strong.  The 8th Generation of the Honda Civic gets a powerful 2.0 liter motor pumping out around 200 horsepower with intelligent variable valve timing.  Mated to that motor is a strong six-speed gear box.  Weighing in under 2,900 pounds this car is a lightweight in the world.  The aftermarket support is endless to say the least.  From basic mods to swaps this a budget friendly platform that will get you from A to B and still have plenty of gas in the tank to get you back home and then to work in the morning.


2008 Audi A4



Time for some Euro love.  Most people love to ride in style and luxury.  Well some of us aren’t ballers that can go out and drop stacks for a Lambo or Porsche.  Enter the Audi A 4.  The 2008 is a great option because of its options.  Heated seats, bluetooth, cruise control, etc.  The A4 comes with either a 2.0 liter turbo charged motor or a 3.2 liter V6.  Front wheel drive or All wheel drive.  Aftermarket support is available but it can be pricey compared to its American and Japanese counterparts on the list.  An all around good choice.

2007-2008 Nissan 350z



The 3.5 liter V6 of the Nissan 350z is where its at.  Best bang for the buck for $20,000 or less.  The motor produces 307 horsepower and is an updated version of the original 350z motor.  A redesigned intake manifold and twin throttle bodies find there way under the hood of this machine.  Available in quite a few color choices.  Auto or Manual?  That’s up to you.  Aftermarket support?  You name it.  You can find parts made in the US, Japan, Europe, and even China.  This platform is used in road racing, drifting, drag racing, and street racing by both professionals and the everyday person.  This a very strong option mixing performance, technology, and luxury.

Chevrolet Camaro SS


If you live anywhere in the world you know what a Camaro is.  This is one of the higher priced options on the list and rightfully so.  Its new.  It retains its value.  Its in demand.  Theres a ton of aftermarket support for it.  You can swap just about any motor into it.  Turbo, Supercharger, Nitrous, or All Motor…take your pick.  Hell mix some of them together.  The 6.2 liter motor itself is too much for some when it is pumping out its 426 horses.