Here’s A Graphic Reminder Of Why You Shouldn’t Street Race

Lamborghini Accident Indonesia

Scenes from a horrific street racing related accident that left one man dead and two other pedestrians in the hospital are pouring into news sources from the nation of Indonesia.  Reports state that a two young men were racing their cars down a busy and crowded street in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia.

24 year old Wiyang Lautner was behind the wheel of his Lamborghini Gallardo when he lost control while racing another man’s Ferrari.  Lautner’s Gallardo spun off of the road way and into the busy sidewalk area.  Three people were unfortunately too close to the car when he Lautner lost control.


A married couple, 51 year old Kuswanto and his 41 year old wife Srikanti, were purchasing milk from a street side vendor named Mujianto when the accident occurred.  All three individuals were struck by the Italian supercar as it careened off the road.  Mr. Kuswanto was drug for several feet behind the Lamborghini until it slammed into a nearby tree.

Lamborghini Gallardo Crash Surabaya Indonesia -

After the crash on lookers and gathered around the crash to see what had happened.  People turned on their cameras and caught Wiyang trying to exit his destroyed Gallardo.  Viewers of the accident, and video, were shocked when they witnessed Lautner texting and then speaking to someone on his phone just seconds after the crash ended.  Close by the lifeless body of 51 Kuswanto lay motionless.  Srikanti and Mujianto both suffered broken legs, various scrapes, and heavy bruising.  The two were transported to the hospital by members of the crowd.

Not once was Wiyang seen checking on the victims of the crash, alive or dead.  He was taken into custody by police and is being detained at Dukah Kupang police station.  Mujianto and Srikant’s physical wounds are expected to heal just fine but the images the two are left with will more than likely never fade away.