Here’s How Scam Artists Make Dangerous Old Tires Look Like New Again

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Beware of buying used tyres! I’m sure we don’t actually need to say this, but what the people in this video are doing is extremely dangerous! It should by no means be used as a method of giving your tyres a new lease on life. Tyres are a wear item, and need to be replaced when their time is up.

Cutting corners is a way of life for many shady elements in the car community. For them, if it looks the part, it’s ready to sell off to an unsuspecting customer. Here’s one way that professional scam artists make old tyres look near new again.

What these guys are essentially doing is stripping away all the rubber from the tyre and leaving it uncovered. This leaves you with a much increased potential for a blow out, and subsequently a serious accident. Do not try this at home, or anywhere else. This is plain stupid.