How To Find Out How Old Are Your Tires


Everyone knows how to change tires when they gets too old and dirty, however what might be said about when tires get old and how to find out this?

Elastic in tires falls apart after some time because of road damage and natural reasons. This leaves tire structure very fragile and it prompts dents and cracks on tires. This is not a reason to be upset, you can change your tires and your car will go as a brand new. As a precautionary measure, you can change your tires once they hit ten years of age, and numerous makers suggest to change them out at six years of age. Obviously, this is too expensive for some drivers and they even don’t know how their tires old are anyway.

Tires in hot and dry atmospheres have much shorter life than those in moderate atmosphere. Still, you need to boost tire life whenever you can. Since tires can sit in a warehouse and distribution for quite a long time, you will need to know when tires were made and not bought, and there is a simple approach to tell this info. Each tire has a conceived stamp formed into the side wall. Close to the edge, search for a long serial number beginning with the letters “Dab.”


The code will end in either three numerals or four with two digits that stands for a week when they are made. Tire seen above has a code of DOT DA08 JM1R 3011, which would show a tire was made in the thirtieth week of year 2011. If you have new tires and they are over two years of age, do not hesitate to demand a fresher production date. Do not let manufacturers fool you, check how old tires are before you buy them.