Knife-Wielding Man Fatally Shot After Charging Police


A man wearing a blood-stained shirt was fatally shot after he charged police whilst wielding a knife. The entire thing was caught on dashcam and also two police body cameras. The portions of the body camera videos that showed the shots being fired and the moments immediately afterward were redacted, but the entire encounter was shown in the video from the dashcam of the cruiser, which was parked a significant distance from the confrontation.

The Haverhill officers were responding to reports of a man who had crashed his car into an abandoned bridge and was walking away.

Prior to the shooting, the videos show Jarvis and Collins coming upon Esty-Lennon walking toward where they parked their cruisers on Route 302 in Bath, N.H. He had a large red blood stain
on his shirt and appeared to have suffered a self-inflicted knife wound.