Nitro Powered Sharpener Can Chew Through 7 Pencils In 2 Seconds


We’ve all seen some crazy inventions built out of what most people would consider to be worthless junk.  You’ve heard the saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” before right?  Well here is some proof to bring that statement to life.  Mike and Lauren is a YouTube channel that belongs to the husband and wife team that features them making something out of nothing.  Their channel traces out their plan to be totally financially independent by the time Mike is 30.  If you’re into that stuff check the channel out but make sure you stick around for the scoop on this crazy little creation.


In this episode Mike’s friend Bryan found a trashed out Nitro R/C car in the trash and though the creative handyman could possibly do something useful with the remains.  It was missing the remote control, body, and receiver so Mike couldn’t return it to it’s former glory.  Instead he opted to make a nitro powered pencil sharpener.  Why?  Because he could.

Mike discovered on first inspection that the carb was filthy and also that the piston had been gummed up for quite some time.  After spending about two hours freeing the stuck piston and getting the tiny motor cleaned up Mike was able to start the tiny motor on the first try.  His creative process continued as he scavenged the floor plate and motor mounts from the wrecked vehicle to construct a suitable base for the sharpener.  Then he set out to invent a joiner piece to connect the motor to the sharpener.  Mike welded the universal adapter from the drive system found on the RC platform to the handle connection on the pencil sharpener.


Things went on from there without a hitch until one of the cutting wheels inside the sharpener became seized.  It was easily fixed with some WD40 but Mike soon figured out that he need a way to control the throttle brake on the tiny motor.  In doing this he would be able to keep unnecessary wear from occurring to the pencil sharpening machine.  Mike scavenged the front plastic grill guard and one of the shock absorbers from the platform to quickly come up with a solution.


In the end Mike has come up with an odd invention that used the remains of broken down hobby toy and some half way decent carpentry skills.  His nitro powered pencil sharpener has to be the fastest operating unit on the planet today.  It can sharpen three number 2 pencils in under 7 seconds.  That might not be all that important but it is really freaking cool.

Let ‘er rip tater chip!