Shocking Video Captures Man Being Thrown To His Death From An Amusement Park Ride


This might make you think twice before you head to an amusement park…

A horrible story is emerging out of China that claims a visitor was thrown to his death from an amusement park ride after his seat belt malfunctioned.  A video has been uploaded to LiveLean that shows the man being tossed out of the ride and slamming into the ground right in front of a large crowd waiting in line for the same ride.

The dreadful incident took place over the weekend at the Sanmenxia Mianchi Yangshao Square amusement park in north central China.  The individual who captured the horrendous event stated that the man died upon impact.  Whether that it is true or not is unclear at this time.Authorities have yet to release details on the man’s condition.  Eye witnesses on the ride claim that man was seen struggling with his seat belt as the ride accelerated.  Unfortunately he was unable to secure himself when the ride flipped upside down.

One of his friends has stepped forward and confirmed that man’s wife had just given birth to a baby a few days earlier.  The woman and the newborn were still in the hospital when the accident occurred.  She has apparently declined interviews and has asked to remain anonymous at this time.

Officials at the Sanmenxia Mianchi Yangshao Square amusement park quickly responded to the accident by shutting down the ride and a short while later the entire park.  An investigation is currently underway but shockingly this is the second death at a Chinese amusement park in less than two weeks.  A teenager was tossed out of a Pirate Ship ride and killed by the machinery below during a busy temple festival in Jiaguang Village, in Baoding City of China’s northern Hebei Province.