This Is Every Airline Passenger’s Worst Nightmare…


If you’re already scared of flying this story probably isn’t for you…

Sometime ago a plane full of passengers were on their way from Long Beach, California to Austin, Texas when a potentially catastrophic event occurred less than 15 minutes into the flight.  The people on board reported hearing a loud pop and moments later the cabin filled with smoke.  The right engine of the Airbus A320 they were onboard of had just overheated but the pilots were able to cool it down before it burst into flames.


For some unknown reason the air masks in the ceiling above failed to deploy and people soon began to have trouble breathing.  Flight attendants rushed into action and were able to release them manually.  Unfortunately things were far from over for the 147 grief stricken passengers on board the JetBlue flight.

The pilot reversed his heading and started the return to the nearby airport after he radioed in the events to air traffic control.  The plane was over the Pacific Ocean when the event transpired and everything seemed to be going fine until the flight cruised back over land.  The plane suddenly began to shake and rattle violently sending passengers into a frenzied panic.  Actor Jackson Rathbone was on board the flight and told reporters that he grabbed his wife and son as he recited the Lord’s prayer.


Thankfully the shaking and rattling subsided but the final, and perhaps largest, hurdle was yet to come.  The pilot now had to set the Airbus A320 down safely with only the left engine.  As the plane started its landing approach a series of warning chimes could be over heard through the cabin and men, woman, and children began to worry that they might not make it out alive.  Suddenly the pilot’s voice came across the intercom telling the passengers to brace for a hard landing.  As the flight attendants prepared the people on board for the possible rough return to the ground they could be heard screaming “Brace! Brace! Brace!” repeatedly at the top of their lungs.


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