Using Nothing But A Zip Tie – You Can Open Practically Every Lock


Master Lock is an American company that develops padlocks, combination locks and related security products and manufactures them mostly in China and Mexico. It is now a subsidiary of Fortune Brands Home & Security, Inc. Master Lock Company LLC was formed in 1921 by a locksmith-inventor by the name of  Harry E. Soref, and is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

In 1970, the company was purchased by American Brands from who was left of Soref’s heirs. American Brands was later renamed to Fortune Brands, which then split on October 3, 2011 to create the Fortune Brands Home & Security company.

As one would imagine the whole concept for Master Lock would be safety and an implied guarantee that if you lock something using one of their padlocks that no one would be able to get into it. Well that simply isn’t the case as this video shows, all one needs to crack one of these things open is simply a piece of zip tie and a tool to turn the lock.

I’m about to go change the locks on pretty much everything I own.